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Pilot an enchanted crystal through a series of rooms, blasting through the strange minions that crowd them to reach the evil that waits at their end. Destroy it, and defeat the threat that it poses!

"The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal" is a short-and-simple top-down 2D twin-stick shooter. But there are some twists: Shooting (and using your "burst" ability) drains your health. Conversely, standing still allows you to regenerate health (and is the only means of doing so). Furthermore, the greater your health, the greater your size--and thus the great the target that you present.

More to the point, this game was made as a means of getting feedback on the key-mapping module found on the main menu. Feedback on the key-mapper is thus requested!


 - Remappable controls (the main point of this test-game)

 - Two difficulty settings

 - Move freely, shoot in four directions--the latter at the cost of health

 - Emit a powerful "burst" that clears all projectiles and pushes enemies away--at the cost of a quarter of your health at the time

 - Recover health simply by standing still. Perhaps easier said than done while under attack, however...

 - Clear rooms full of enemies--and at last the final boss

Known issues:

 - With some devices attached, you may find that the very first attempted key-binding will automatically bind the control in question to the mouse-button. This seems to be an engine-level issue, and has been reported. However, information regarding which devices cause it is welcome!

 - The UI is only navigable by mouse--implementing navigation by other devices is a separate task, and I haven't yet fully addressed!

 - If you start a new game with the controls mapped to a device that isn't connected, you may not be able to proceed past the intro screen, or back out from it. This is because one continues from that screen by pressing one of the game's controls, and if the device associated with that control is not connected, its function isn't accessible. Similarly, one could back out via the "return to menu" button--as long as the device associated with that control is itself connected...

 - The sound effects used may not be the best.


Finally: As this game was made to test key-mapper, I very much welcome feedback on that feature!

Install instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the file to the directory of your choice.

To run the game, look for the executable named "The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal" in the main game-folder, and click/double-click it (as appropriate).


The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal-1.0.0_win_amd64.zip 31 MB
The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal-1.0.0_win32.zip 28 MB
The Gauntlet of the Controlled Crystal-1.0.0_manylinux1_x86_64.tar.gz 31 MB

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