A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Created over about a week for the "O2A2 2022 Jam".

(The requirements for which included--rather abbreviated: No more than one each of backdrop, sprite, sound-file, and music-file, and no more than one-thousand words.)

You descend into a barrow-tomb--only to find it not at all unoccupied. Can you escape with your life?

Controls: Mouse-only

Specifically: Click on options and buttons to select them; click to skip through sequences; and click-and-drag the buttons of the sliders in the options menu to move them.

Content Warnings:

  • Death
  • Violence (described)
  • Undeath
  • Burial
  • Entombment
  • Sickness (mentioned)
  • Abuse (non-specific, mentioned)
  • Robbery (mentioned)

Note: At least one bug remains, I believe! Still, I believe that it's a fairly minor one, involving the sprite not always ending up in its proper position if one rapidly clicks through a sequence.

Note too: At time of writing the Windows build has not yet been tested; only the Linux build has. Still, the latter seems to work, and I expect that the former should do so, too. ^^;

Install instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the game to the directory of your choice.

To run the game, look for the executable named "A Tale Under Earth" and click/double-click it (as appropriate).


A Tale Under Earth v1.0.0 (Linux 64-bit build) 30 MB
A Tale Under Earth v1.0.0 (Windows 64-bit build) 30 MB

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