Redux Demo Released!

Greetings and salutations!

The big news is that the Redux Demo is out!

You can find it here:

(And that page has been significantly revamped, too!)


And with the demo, a new trailer!

This new demo incorporates myriad changes--most documented over the course of my blog-posts elsewhere--made either in response to feedback or on my own account. And I do think that it's rather better than the previous demo!

Some of the major changes are these:

  • Reworked combat!
    • An updated approach to controlling the action
    • Reworked AI
    • More-detailed accessibility/difficulty options
  • Improved traversal
    • Both mechanically and in the layout of the first two levels
  • Performance improvements
  • More things to see and find in the third level

I hope that you enjoy the redux demo, and I'd be interested to hear feedback on this new version of the game! :D

I won't keep you long, then--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^


REDUX Demo, Linux 64-bit build 565 MB
53 days ago
REDUX Demo, Windows 64-bit build 564 MB
53 days ago

Get A Door to the Mists--REDUX Demo

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