Redux Demo UPDATED!

Greetings and salutations!

A significant update to the Redux Demo has been posted! This update includes a number of changes, some of the most-salient of which are shown in this short video:

Too long, didn't watch:

  • A reworked approach to carriable objects.
    • No more dodgy physics!
    • A slightly more-intuitive method of placing objects: they're now placed more or less where the player points.
  • Revision of the tutorial/prologue traversal.
    • This should, hopefully, be a little more welcoming to new players!
  • Polish regarding the translation minigame
    • A reworking of the player's first encounters with it
    • Touch-ups to the UI
  • Running!
    • Cross distances more quickly, and jump further when desired!
  • Tutorial availability.
    • Tutorials should now be harder to accidentally miss.
    • All tutorial lessons are now available via a button on the in-game menu.
  • Updated combat audio- and visual- elements.
  • Plus various less-salient changes!

I hope that you enjoy this new version, and let me know what you think! :D

Stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^


REDUX Demo, ver. 0.8.5, Linux 64-bit build 566 MB
31 days ago
REDUX Demo, ver. 0.8.5, Windows 64-bit build 567 MB
31 days ago

Get A Door to the Mists--REDUX Demo

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