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"Adventure is My Path"

Traversal, Puzzles, and Combat in a Heroic-Fantasy Setting

For the changes introduced in version 0.9.7, see this devlog post.

For the changes introduced in version 0.9.5, see this devlog post.

  • Perhaps most saliently, however, the player's jump-height (and thus jump-distance) has been increased!

For the minor changes introduced in version 0.9.2, see this devlog post.

The major changes in version 0.9.0

Reworked aesthetics:

Additional content:

  • Two new (small) locations
  • New puzzles in one of those locations
  • One new enemy
  • One collectible and new lore-entries--but showing those would be spoiling things. ;)

+ Lots of fixes, tweaks, and changes!

An adventurer with a yearning to explore the inaccessible, misty world of magic hears a tale of a door that opens onto that world, located in a lost city. She embarks on a journey through desolate and dangerous places to discover this city and its door, and enter the mist-world.

  • Traversal and exploration, with universal mantling
  • Puzzle-solving, both in-level and via minigame puzzles
  • Combat, sparse and one-on-one

 (All found in the options menu)

  • Key-rebinding
    • You could even, theoretically, play the game with just a keyboard. I really don't recommend it, but you could do it.
  • Various accessibility settings for both minigame-puzzles and combat
    • Includes a mode in which combat is automated
  • Text-speed controls
  • Field-of-view slider
  • And a variety of other such options!

  • Core i7-5500U 4-Core CPU @ 2.40GHz
  • 8GB of RAM
  • GeForce 840M, with 2GB VRAM
  • 64-bit OS

The above is based on my own machine; the game may work on less-powerful devices, but it may not, too.

  • Some keyboards don't respond well to pressing "space" (the default "jump" key) while holding one of the WASD keys (the default "movement" keys). If your keyboard is like this, try the "KeyboardAndMouse_MouseJump" keybinding profile (from the options menu).
    • This profile moves "jump" to the right mouse-button (and "examine" to "space"), thus hopefully allowing jumping while pressing a movement key!
    • Alternatively, just rebind the keys to something that works for you!
  • If you want a frame-rate meter, just press "f".
    • (Presuming that you haven't bound another key over that.)
  • 4K resolutions and UI-scaling are not currently officially supported, although they may work.

Install instructions

Simply download the archive and unzip it to the location of your choice!

Note that the game stores save- and config- files in your user-data folder, in a sub-folder named "ADoorToTheMists". The location of this varies by OS.

Examples of user-data locations:

  • Ubuntu Linux: ~/.local/share/ADoorToTheMists
  • Windows 8: Documents and Settings/<user-name>/AppData/Local/ADoorToTheMists


"Depictions" Demo, ver. 0.9.7, Linux 64-bit build 665 MB
"Depictions" Demo, ver. 0.9.7, Windows 64-bit build 666 MB

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Looks kinda relaxing game with no rush. What gameplay time do you estimate for release version? Reminds me of Mist a bit, with those puzzle elements. :) And will you have controller support? Should be nice for such type of game.


Thank you for the comment! ^_^

"What gameplay time do you estimate for release version?"

I've never been quite sure of how to answer that. Would it be the expected time for a first player, which might vary significantly depending on how a given player fares at the various challenges? Or the time for an experienced player, which is likely to be far less than for a first-time player? 100% completion, or minimal?
At a guess, I'd say that I'd expect a non-expect playthrough to take a few hours, all told--but I don't yet have data to back that up, I'm afraid. As I said, it's a guess.

"Reminds me of Mist a bit, with those puzzle elements. :)"

Thank you! That's high praise, as far as I'm concerned! ^_^

"And will you have controller support? Should be nice for such type of game."

It already has controller support. ;)
(You do have to switch manually to a controller profile in the options menu, or bind the controls yourself if a suitable profile isn't available; the game is a little old-fashioned when it comes to handling such things!)