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[Note: The demo has been updated as of 4 September, 2019. In particular, it should now work properly under Windows! For more detail, see this post.]

Press kit

Traversal, Puzzles, and Combat in a Heroic-Fantasy Setting

An adventurer with a yearning to explore the inaccessible, misty world of magic hears a tale of a door that opens onto that world, located in a lost city; she embarks on a journey to discover the city and its door, and enter the mist-world. In her journey she will climb, explore, discover, and fight through desolate and dangerous places, seeking out the threads that might lead her to A Door to the Mists.

Core features:

  • Traversal and exploration, with universal mantling
  • Puzzle-solving, both in-level and via minigame puzzles
  • Combat, sparse and one-on-one

Usability features:
 (All found in the options menu)

  • Key-rebinding
    • You could even, theoretically, play the game with just a keyboard. I really don't recommend it, but you could do it.
  • Various difficulty settings, for both minigame-puzzles and combat
    • Includes a mode in which combat is automated
  • Text-speed controls
  • Field-of-view slider
  • And a variety of other such options!

Recommended Minimum System Requirements:

  • Core i7-5500U 4-Core CPU @ 2.40GHz
  • 8GB of RAM
  • GeForce 840M, with 2GB VRAM
  • 64-bit OS

The above is based on my own machine; the game may work on less-powerful devices, but it may not, too.

Known issues:

  • Undocumented feature: press "m" to toggle whether the mouse is confined to the window or not. (By default it is confined.)
  • Undocumented feature: press "f" to toggle the frame-rate meter.
  • On first run, the game starts in windowed mode with a default resolution--the resolution can be changed and fullscreen toggle via the options menu.
  • To use a gamepad, select the "Gamepad" key-binding profile from the options menu--or, with the gamepad connected, bind the inputs individually as you prefer.
  • Music sometimes doesn't play from the start of a cutscene, instead picking up shortly into it.
  • Occasional speed-hitches have been observed, especially at the start of a level.
  • Graphical glitches (in particular missing foliage) have been observed under Windows. These might be rectified upon saving and reloading the level.
  • In level one, if one saves after defeating the first mummy and reloads, said mummy will be placed slightly above the ground


Demo (ver. 0.7.2), Windows 64-bit build
Demo (ver. 0.7.2), Linux 64-bit build

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