A Door to the Mists demo: Now working under Windows!

In short:

The game should now run properly (i.e. without crashing near-immediately) under Windows, and the downloads have been updated!

To elaborate a little:

The previous build of the A Door to the Mists demo had, alas, a major bug under Windows: it would crash when leaving the first screen (the "quick note" screen). This bug is now fixed, I believe! The game should run properly under Windows now. ^_^

This fix to this issue--and a few other changes--are included in a new build of the demo. The downloads on the game's page should have updated to provide it--they go to the same IndieDB pages, but those pages now hold the updated files. (Which should have the version number "0.7.2" in their file-names.)

(If you don't see the updated files, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser-cache.)

In addition to this, a few other changes have been made:

  • The tutorial-traversal should now be a little clearer and simpler. In particular, it no longer relies on a trick that's unintuitive and thereafter-unused.
  • The lore-screen that's accessible from the main menu now has an indicative title.
  • Logging should now work properly.
    • The log-file should be found in the game's "app-data" directory:
      • Under Windows, this should be "Users/<user-name>/AppData/Local/ADoorToTheMists/"
      • Under Linux, this should be "<home>/.local/share/ADoorToTheMists"
  • A bug was found in which the game would crash if the player entered combat while a conversation was ongoing. (Awfully rude.) This should now be fixed!

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